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Latin makes my brain explode

I took a distance college class in Latin (Wheelock’s text) and got really stuck on conjugations and cases. The text doesn’t give much in the way of examples. I took an Incomplete in the class and decided to pursue learning Latin on my own. It became a bit of an obsession – it wasn’t about the class or about proving anything, but I became bent on learning the language. A year, huge pile of textbooks and workbooks, and hundred cartons of cigarettes later, I am making progress. The most helpful text I have found so far is Latin Made Simple. It is concentrated on teaching you to read Latin (as opposed to write/speak), it has a lot of exercises and it teaches the conjugations and cases in small easily digestible bits. I highly recommend it!

Good luck to all those who share this goal with me! I think it’s worth the headaches =P


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