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Combining 43Things, Bootcamp & Achieve

It’s working, although progress on the hardest tasks is slow. Updated all my achieve goals, breaking projects into bite size tasks, 43things Bootcamp entries or goals. Making sure I check my goals every day is key to getting me motivated to finish it and get it off my list!

Measuring that progress and seeing that accomplishment will keep me moving on to do that next goal on 43Things!

Top 5 success

Today was my most productive day in a month. Mostly work related tasks on my Top 5 list, but I got them all done. I am very proud of myself, but I am definitely not stopping now!

From my 43things list, I want to complete the “start postcrossing” goal!

Top 5 list

I am fine with setting up the Top 10 and Achieve tasks, but lousy with updating and following through. I’m not going to get rid of the others just yet, but I think this new daily top 5 list will be little things that I just update on paper, not online and then I’ll use progress from the top 5 to update my top 10 and achieve lists on a monthly basis. The idea is all progress is good progress and it is too easy to get off track if it is not in front of my eyes all the time.

I’m now giving goals-to-action another try on my new computer. Downloaded the latest version of their Achieve software and populating it with my current projects. I had already paid for this software, so why not?

10 Things

My latest method which may morph into one of the other methods is to have a 10things list for each area of my life: Finance, Cleaning, Home Repair, Entertainment, Children/Self Development, and Work. My first list has 14 hours of work to do.

My list also shows that there is 168 hours in a week, sleeping 56 of them, eating 21 of them, driving 7 of them, routine 12 hours of them leaving 58 hours in which to do my Things.

Comments appreciated!


I haven’t been getting things done the way I’ve wanted to, and been failing to correct myself as well. I have vacation coming up and I hope I will start looking at the mistakes I’ve been making to make this goal a reality!

An hour a day

My new tactic is to log one hour per day and keeping track of that time when I will work on the goals listed on 43things.

The Goals to Action Website will be my resource to complete this goal. Once I complete all the activities from the course, I believe I will have the motivation and drive to really get things done. If not, my motivational image is a good distraction.

Note that I have felt previously that many of the things I couldn’t get done were beyond by control. That is a key element that I need to change in my thinking in order to reestablish control over them.

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