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Stephen has written 6 entries about this goal

On the Horizon

Now that everything for my new job is falling into place, I keep having the urge to spend money on things I would like to get even through I haven’t earned a cent in my new job yet. And of course my rational mind keeps thinking wait til you have it before you worry about spending it, but my id seems to have the upper hand at the moment. I can’t stop thinking about things to spend my new raise on!

Cost of Living Adjustment

It wasn’t really a raise. Everyone in my company that isn’t in a union got a 5% cost of living adjustment on July 1st. After not getting any more money at work in years, every little bit helps through. Still waiting to find out if I get a higher paying job but it seems to be slow going.

A Rosy Economy

When I think of a good economy, traffic jams is what happens in Los Angeles since apparently people can afford to sit in traffic and waste time and gas since they have jobs. This is pretty much what is happening in Los Angeles now. Traffic is getting horrible again!

Between the job applications I have submitted and changes happening at my current job, hopefully I will get a raise in a few months. It is LONG overdue!

Getting a roommate

A friend of mine moving back to Los Angeles asked me if they could stay with me and is interested in renting Cory’s old room. I could use the extra money and decided it would be a good idea to have a roommate again at least for awhile. With that in mind I will be cleaning the carpets tomorrow and cleaning up the house. The task is very daunting, but I will do my best to clean the carpets in the front of the house as well as 2 bedrooms, but that means moving a ton of things in order to get it done! But I will be VERY excited to get it done and get a little extra money.

Just thinking...

I really could use some more money this week. Holidays tend to make me overspend and it is happening again this year too!

a double edged sword

After not getting a raise for several years, I have seen prices go up by 25-50% while my salary stays the same. It was more important for me to be a father for my sons rather than spending more time working, so I was ok to stay in my current position. But my sons are old enough that they do not need me as much, so I am trying to change my situation by getting a better job and making more money.

The funny thing is I usually have more fun with less money than vice versa. But I have the opportunity to make more, so let’s see if I get new higher paying job.

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