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find at least one thing each day that makes me happy and record it everyday for a year

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Although it almost took me a year and a half to complete it was still definitely worth it!! This has been a crazy time in my life. During this goal we bought a home, celebrated my sister’s graduation from Princeton, went to Kenya, survived mass rioting in Kenya, made some serious commitments to each other, each lost a grandma, two aunts, and welcomed a new kitty into our family. It really helped to have something to make me focus on the good things going on in troubling times.

# 365 April 14th

# 364 April 8th

Amazing fresh squeezed juice that J makes me almost every morning. It’s such a great pick me up sometimes I even forget my coffee. My current favorite combo is:
1 orange
3 clementines
4 strawberries


# 363 March 28th

Dinner with Nicole! She’s starting a new job so she won’t be able to come visit until this summer so it was a little bittersweet.

# 362 March 27th

Going out for my friend Laura’s birthday!

# 361 March 26th

I saw Tim Gunn in the flesh!!!!! Yay! He was giving kind of an educational fashion show at a mall near me. He was so great!

# 360 March 25th

I’m super addicted to but I especially one seller. I but all of my soap from her and today I got three bars of soap that smell super yummy! Savor’s shop always has amazing things!

# 359 March 24th

Tagalong Girl Scout cookie ice cream!!!!!!!!!! All I could find was a picture of the Samoa ice cream which is quite tasty as well.

# 358 March 23rd

Today we secretly blew off both of our families… It was amazing!!! We cleaned, went out for Chinese food, and hung out in bed a lot! It was pretty much my dream day. Happy Easter to us!

# 357 March 22nd

Yay!! Our home is really starting to come together. Soon we will start nailing things to the walls!

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