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Smile at the beauty I see in the mirror

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grandmonster has written 32 entries about this goal

When we remodeled our

bathroom, I put a gold framed mirror in place of the old drably framed one. Now when I look in the mirror I smile because I have me smiling back and I’m in gold surroundings. It’s like the Midas Touch.

I’ll be 62 later this month and my face looks pretty good for an old broad. Really anyone can do this goal. Smiling makes everyone look beautiful.

The mirror I use the most

hasn’t been on the wall for the past 2 months, due to remodeling so I put it back yesterday and now I can smile or wink whenever I go by!

I haven't stopped this goal

I just don’t write about it much. I still love my reflected image more than I hate it. I find that seeing myself as beautiful makes me love being alive.

I snuck up

on the mirror and there’s still a beauty in there! I don’t feel my age (almost 61) and I am not scaring myself in the mirror. Yay! All good!


I seldom write about this goal, I actually do it several times a week. As I approach 60 I’m amazed at how much better I look as compared to a year ago. I had been in so much pain for so long that my face showed it. Now, painfree and exercising often, I feel 30 years younger and fit and healthy. I’m not saying I LOOK 30 years younger, just a bit younger and of course happy and appreciative.


I have started doing this again after a couple of weeks ignoring this goal. It’s always good.

Still smiling

I think I’ve gotten better looking since I began this goal. I will need to start looking at more than my face so that I can say the same thing about my figure. Bigger mirror coming up!

since my doctor's appt

I’m back to smiling at myself in the mirror. I feel better about myself even if I’m not exactly better healthwise. After all, this body does a bang up job of getting me around and I am appreciative of the work it does.


While I’ve been blue because of undiagnosed medical symptoms, I haven’t been being true to my goal to watch my mirror. I’ve an appointment to see a specialist this week and I decided I must return to loving what I see in the mirror.

Still mirror watching!

I think it is working well.

grandmonster has gotten 53 cheers on this goal.


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