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Hit up a local climbing wall!

maybe one day i’ll actually go outdoors and top-rope some real rocks!

31 Make my own levain

(aka sourdough) i made mine by harvesting local yeast off the skins of locally grown apples. My bread has never been better and the older my levain gets the better my bread becomes


Get married in Vegas! By Elvis!


NFL Hall of Fame:
i stood between Bart Starr & Ray Nitschke’s busts!!!!


Rock n Roll Hall of Fame:
Best things there:
Joan Jett’s first car
original lyrics for Cherry Bomb & Clamptown
the room of amazing Elvis photos!


Corn Maze! Or as they spelled it there “Corn Maize” Heard so many bad corn puns there i thought my ears were gonna bleed, seriously it felt like bad puns were literally stalking me!

It was good simple fun (& harder to navigate w/out the map than i expected!)


Ride in a racecar!

It was basically the equivalent of a NASCAR car! pretty amazing experience! One of the coolest things i’ve done in my life!


Have a “secret swimming hole”:
Only a handful of people know about our secret swimming hole! we have 3 rules:
Rule #1: we don’t talk about SSH
Rule #2: We don’t talk about SSH
Rule #3: if it’s your first time at SSH you WILL jump off the rock!

24 Get a scooter

OK so cruising around on a scooter may actually be anti-cool BUT getting over 100mpg is always a great thing! i’ve wanted one for around the town use for a while & now i’m cruising in “style” hahaha.


Indoor surfing Pool:

Didn’t “surf” but did ride a body-board in one. It was a pretty neat experience, even if the water is a soup of chlorine and human secretions!

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