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Monday September 16th 2013

I will be 22 weeks on Saturday! So crazy that we are more than half way there!! It feels a little unreal right now due to a few things:

1. I have placenta anterior which means that my placenta is at the front of my belly. Because of this I can hardly feel any of the baby’s movement. By this stage last pregnancy little T was rocking and rolling!

2. I have a very busy two year old that takes up A LOT of time and energy so its easy to forget that I am busy growing another one :)

3. I have had a terrible cold that has lasted nearly three weeks now and has kept me up at night coughing, sneezing, and blowing my nose. Grrrrr.

BUT, despite those three things, every time I have a moment to sit quietly, I am SO excited to be blessed with another pregnancy. I am really looking forward to bringing this sweet little soul into this world! Oh, and if all goes well,I think we are going to plan for a home birth this time!

Monday August 12th 2013

Just over 16 weeks pregnant and feeling great! Now that my nausea is gone and I have more energy I am feeling much more myself. Actually, sometimes I feel so normal that I forget I am expecting a baby – and then I walk past a mirror and notice my bump! Getting a little bit bigger all the time – but I definitely have not gained as much weight as I did with T.

I feel much more relaxed about this pregnancy than my previous one. I am still eating well, resting lots, and doing my best to get exercise. I just feel like I am not worrying so much, or reading as many books, or obsessing about how pregnant I am.

I have not felt any big movements yet. Some days I feel little flutters and wonder if that is the baby or just digestion. I am still waiting for that one really good kick to say “hello mummy, I’m busy growing inside you!” Being pregnant is just so magical!

Tuesday July 23rd 2013

Just over 13 weeks and feeling … sick to my stomach. The nausea this second time around has been much more intense! I’ve actually just had a 4 day stint of nausea and vomiting. Not sure whether it was food poisoning, the flu or crazy morning sickness, but its been terrible. And I am not out of the woods. I cant cough without gagging. Eating makes me feel better for about 5 minutes. Ug, I hope it passes soon!

T is SO excited for his baby brother or sister! Although, when I ask him what is in Mummy’s belly he usually says “baby sister!” I wonder if his prediction will be correct?!

I have a little baby bump but, not having been able to eat very much recently, I don’t seem to be growing very much. I am still excited and looking forward to feeling the baby move! Not long now!!!

Here we go again!

After my last pregnancy ended at 11 weeks due to a miscarriage, we recently found out that we are expecting again! I turn 9 weeks today!

The last pregnancy I had didn’t feel real. I probably took more than 20 pregnancy tests because I had no symptoms and instinctively knew something was wrong. The moment the miscarriage started I knew exactly what was happening.

This time around is DIFFERENT! I have quite a bit of morning sickness and could sleep all day! Before we tell our extended family and friends and coworkers I think we will get the dating ultrasound to ensure things are progressing as they should be.

In other amazing news, my closest friend in Ottawa is also expecting! She is only 9 days apart from me!! We didn’t plan it but are both so happy to be able to share this experience as it unfolds.

I so truly hope this pregnancy works out! I would love T to be a big brother and am ready to grow our sweet little family! I plan to post more on here over the weeks to come about my journey through this pregnancy!!

10 weeks 2 days

I am having such a hard time believing that this is real! I do not feel pregnant AT ALL! I keep taking tests to reassure myself that everything is fine but its so strange to have no symptoms! Maybe it is because I felt so much with my first pregnancy. I am still very excited but will be even more so after my first midwife appointment in 2 weeks :)

December 7th 2012

Well, we have not told anyone yet but …. we are pregnant with number 2! We just found out a few day ago and I am already 6 weeks along! I can already see how the second time around goes by much faster when you are busy caring for a toddler!

I am SO excited – I took a test on a whim and could not believe my eyes when it came out positive! S is over the moon too! We have decided to keep it a secret until Christmas and surprise both of our families at our holiday dinners! Although, I might tell my BF soon.

So far I feel GREAT! A little tired, a tiny amount of nausea, and a little emotional but … so far so good! I loved having 43 things to journal my experience of being pregnant and each step and stage last time – what an amazing on line community!

My beautiful boy has arrived!

I had my son on May 11th at 10:45 am! My labour was long but fabulous and I had the most amazing support from my partner,family and midwives! It feels so strange to be saying that I have completed this goal after all the waiting and anticipating!

I love my little boy so much! I never knew it was possible to love someone this much – the other day my partner, with a knowing look in his eyes, said “its ok if you love him more than you love me.” And its true! I dont think ANYTHING compares with a mothers love. It has been the best thing I have EVER done in my entire life!

If there is any advice I can pass on from my experience it would be: Have your baby with a midwife. My experience was so different from friends of mine who have had hospital births! Im not saying that the hospital experience is bad, I just firmly believe that the midwife experience is better!!

much love to everyone!

so exciting!!

LastInight I had some false labour!! Things are back to normal today… just regular Braxton Hicks and feeling a lot lower … but it means that it could happen any time! I am very excited and very ready!!

37 weeks and counting!!

This upcoming easter monday I will be 38 weeks pregnant. Wow! I cannot believe that we are here! I remember being 6 months and looking at people that were close to their due date thinking “I wonder how I will feel when I am that pregnant!” and now I know!

1)S and I are both increadibly excited to meet our baby!

2)being off work is both a blessing and a curse – great to be able to put my feet up when they are swollen or take a nap when I am tired but also makes me even more excited to go into labour … I have to find distractions so that I am not thinking of it all the time

3)rhasberry leaf tea is pretty good! Im drinking up to a litre a day now and find that it helps to throw a mint tea bag in there to give it some extra kick. It can take hours off your labour time … and when each contraction can feel like a lifetime they tell me this is a WONDERFUL thing!!

4)I feel big! Not that I mind … I have gained a good amount of weight for my pregnancy and (almost)all of the food I have been eating has been healthy. However, it is strange to look in the mirror and see yourself bigger then you ever have been before. Everyone keeps telling me how great I look but I see this really round face!

5)insomnia!!!! Oh my gosh, I wish I could sleep through one night and wake up rested!! I think its a combo of being uncomfortable and rolling from one side to the other the whole night, heartburn and getting up to pee up to 4 times a night. My mom tells me its natures way of helping me to get ready for getting up with the baby. But there is no baby yet and I am really trying to rest up for the big day ahead!!

All this being said … becoming a mother has been the most amazing thing I have ever done and we havnt even met the little one yet!

March 1st 2011

I had my baby shower on Sunday!! It was an AMAZING event and so many people came it was a little overwhelming! But it was also SO beautiful!! An amazing amount of love and excitement packed into one house—I want this baby to know how much his or her mum and dad and entire community cellebrated their life before they even took their first breath!

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