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I know who I am more and more. I’m a deep caring person. And yes I am more deep than anything else but hey that is who I am. My strength is that people feel like they can talk to me about most things that they can’t with others. And yah those times may be fewer but ya know what, this is who I am. I value one-on-one conversations more than group interactions. I can hang out with groups of course and can be social but I’m more of an observer with the ocassional comment. And that’s all good to. All in all, I like who I am. I’m actually a really great woman with a good head on her shoulders. I have my stuff but I’m not afraid of face them or let someone know about them. Honesty at all costs is a policy that I try to live by daily. Anyways. I’m happy tonight that I’m no longer fighting against who I am in order to try to fit in.


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