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Lose 70 pounds

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Why Resistance Training Is The Best Fat Burning Workout

This post started with the question: Does Weight Training Burn Fat Like Cardio?

Let’s cut to the chase. Resistance aka weight training is the best fat burning workout and it is vastly superior to cardio for burning fat. Some 5000% better.

Basal Metabolic Rate Is Where It’s At
It breaks down this way. Resistance training raises your basal metabolic rate. Your daily burn so to speak. Raising your BMR is incredibly important as you are now consuming more calories and converting more fat to energy when you are not exercising. Huh?

You spend the majority or your day, week, month and year not exercising. Don’t believe me, open a free fit day account. Under the activities button on the fitday app or under reports on you can generate a simple pie chart that shows your percentage of exercise time per day.

Even if you exercise a full hour, in 24 hour day you only consumed 4.2% of your time. So while an hour of exercise is a lot of time for a busy person it is not a great deal of time relative to your day.

The Best Fat Burning Workout
The metabolic advantages of the mechanism are three fold. First, you burn calories (fat if you are doing it right) while you exercise, second the repair/building phase of the muscle recovery burns calories and most importantly, your BMR increases as your body must continue to feed this new muscle mass.

Exercise Compared to BMR
I have an old copy of a David Zinczenko book that identifies a metabolic increase for 30-60 minutes after aerobic exercise compared to a 48 hour metabolic increase for people doing resistance training. That is a 4800% to 9600% increase in “burn time” so to speak for people using resistance training.

So the conclusion resistance training is definitely superior fat burning mechanism.

But Your Diet Plays A Major Role
One thing I had fallen prey to was the vain attempt to out work my poor eating habits. And this was after I started Lose It, lol. As Alan Aragon has stated, abs start in the kitchen. And while I disagree with the conventional “recipe” for fat burning I wholeheartedly agree with the sentiment.

Glycogen is produced in the liver where it is stored in addition to being stored in muscles. Most people only store 400 grams, elite athletes can store up to 600 grams. By elevating insulin levels the typical high carbohydrate diet trains your body to (1) burn diet carbohydrates instead of body fat (2) not mobilize your stored for energy and (3) convert excess glucose to triglycerides in the liver and send that to fat cells for storage.

Use Your Metabolic Advantage
And while the brain requires glucose, skeletal and heart muscle prefer ketones [1]. Ketones are energy sources produced when (diet driven) low and stable insulin levels allow the balance of glucagon and insulin to shift your metabolism to fat burn mode.

In this instance, your body burns its stored fat and your dietary fat resulting in once again, an increased BMR. This effect is only created through dietary control of insulin production, which anyone with a functioning pancreas can achieve.

You Don’t Need A Gym Membership
Finally, the benefits of resistance training are not only found in the gym. High intensity circuit training using only body weight can stimulate the body to produce human growth hormone, testosterone and insulin-like growth factor (IGF)[2].

I did P90X and I am thankful I did, the psychological benefit of accomplishment paved the way for my current success. That said, I have burned more fat, leaned myself down an additionally 9% body fat after P90X by combining a simple and easy insulin controlling dietary practices with relatively infrequent, high intensity workouts. Never more than 25 minutes.

Why It Matters
First, if you are trying to burn fat and you are busy (which I know you are) the difference between 50 minutes per week and 3 – 5 hours per week of exercise is huge.

Second, if you ignore the metabolic effects of what you eat no amount of exercise you do is going to help.

Finally, modeling good and teaching good behavior to your children is far easier when you understand the mechanics and secrets of your success.

The best fat burning workout combines the metabolic advantage of a fat burning metabolism with resistance training to stimulate muscle growth.

This is going to post on tomorrow. I wanted to share with my 43things friends first. If you like this article and found it helpful, please follow me on twitter @lamarjohnson and retweet it for others.

[1] Eades and Sisson have conflicting statements on this point. Although Sisson’s book is more recent I throw my lot in with the Drs. Eades on this point. Both do agree that muscles can will use ketones. Sisson even asserts that the body’s total glucose requirement is lessen once the body shifts to a fat burning mode because some cells adapt and no longer require glucose.

[2] Of note, ICF is called insulin in Drs. Eades, Protein Power © 1996 and insulin-like growth factor in Mark Sisson’s Primal Blueprint © 2009.

Losing Weight The Right Way

I am at about 68 pounds down. My weight loss has stopped but I continue to loss fat and build muscle. my lean muscle is up 5 pounds in the last month and my fat weight is down about 8 pounds in the same time frame.

Pretty great in my book. I’ll likely lose the rest of the fat (and a few pounds) over the next sixty days.

Thanksgiving Traditions

What We Did
So this Thanksgiving we decided to pack up the turkey and the ham and go hiking. We also took the kids and Blinkin. Blinkin is 8 pounds of love and happiness. He is also a chihuahua but that is besides the point.

So we hiked for about 3 hours up Picacho Peak to the Saddle and then back down. On the way down we stopped and had Thanksgiving dinner at the Thumb. A cave like opening in the face of the mountain that has a stone protrusion that my daughter says looks like a thumb.

A chipmunk considered joining us but between the excitement of seeing said chipmunk, Blinkin and the kids wondering why it wasn’t promoting its new christmas movie (we got jokes) the ‘munk decided not to join.

What We Will Do
Being fit is about days like this. Days with your family, doing things you love and being physically and mentally able to do them. Many times on the trip Angie mentioned how we wouldn’t have been able to make the hike before. She even opined on how it would have been for me to make the hike 60 pounds heavier. Breaking news: freaking impossible!

What About You
If you didn’t start a new tradition, that’s cool. The most important thing is to enjoy your friends, family and life. If that means hiking some remote hilltop do that! The fat to fit journey is a series of excellent choices highlighted by a mountain of fantastic memories.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

Hiking To Success

Took a 3 hour hike today. It was good to get out. I normally walk a great deal but this was different.

Outdoors, nice breeze, heaving breathing. It was all good. estimated I burned 1500 calories. As you know I am not a calorie counter but seeing that number was pretty interesting.

I’ll post pics at mañana. As of today I am about 96% to my goal!

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