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lose 80 lbs

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this is what i will look like after the weight loss!! I can dig it!



I started exercising 5 times a week and i am currently drinking green tea. I need some drastic and i dont want to get he lapband. This look is not very attactive but I still love ME!

I was forced to take a look at myself...

I was just on the scale and I weigh 282lbs. What made me check? I went to lane bryant to get jeans and the woman asked me what size I wore. The last pair of what whatever I purchase was a size 20. I told her that maybe I needed a size 22 becuase I was about the bust out of those capris like the incredible hulk, they were really killing me. she handed me a pair of jeans that said the size was a 4t (thanks lane bryant for changing the sizes and for helping us stay in denial about our weight). I tryed on the 4t which is really a 24 and it was still tight. dammit what happened to me! its time to get down to business.

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