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buy or build a hippie house somewhere warm and green where I can see the ocean

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New idea...

How about renovating an old, abandoned fire station? I could do a straw-bale layer on the exterior, leaving the interior brick whilie still getting the insulation. The windows are large and airy and I could have plenty of space to lay out projects and do yoga, dance, and all that jazz. It may not be near the ocean, but could be really fun, all the same.



The house is about 15 hundred square feet; with covered porches and rooms with large windows covering the walls and ceilings. The rooms have minimal furniture with room to dance and meditate, do yoga, paint, lie out my writing and other projects, sing and cook. In the large outdoor space behind the house filled with old oak trees that are perfect to climb, there is a large chicken coop and a small barn along with an ever growing fruit tree orchard. I can sit in a covered porch with warm stones below me and a glass roof above, listening to the sounds of the wind in the grass, my chickens, horses, dogs, the waves lapping at the beach, and, a little while off, a river bubbling. I never want to hear the sound of cars, electronics, motors, and angry people.
I am not far from my neighbors, my family and friends, and we are not afraid to look out for one another. We gather to do art projects, eat meals, have a drum circle, and tell stories while still being very respectful of each other’s privacy.
The house is fulling sustainable, utilizing solar power and wind power to allowing me to use water and electricity. It is built from recycled materials that don’t harm the environment that I live in. There is a compost toilet, butterfly roof with a rain catchment system, and a solar oven. There is an indoor and outdoor kitchen, the outdoor a simple, covered table with a storage hole in the ground for refrigeration in the garden.
I love this wonderful hippie house already.


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