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My birthday is coming very soon. I will be 13! I am very very very sad that school is starting. I hate school. Whenever there is a test for advanced classes I do bad so I don’t have to work as hard. My wings are really coming along. This summer some feather looking particles came off my back. I hope they were the start of wings! Have a good life! -T

Creepy Words

On my trip to the Bahamas we spent a day at a place called albany. It was a very big and nice place with few people. That kind of creeped me out, but I got really freaked out when you scramble the letters of albany it turns to anylab. Back in Houston, one day later we drove past a building called anylabtest. Now I am really freaked out. I will do more research


I just got back form boy scout camp. It was very fun because we hiked a lot and it was very hot during the day and very cold at night. Do any of you guys know about some good movies. I am bored.


I am finally done with school. I am so happy to focus more on my wings. I feel them getting bigger. I hope they will be done by the end of the year. Sorry I haven’t been on very much, I just couldn’t find the time. It looks like we have 13 people now, that seems like it could be too much. I have still been focusing on my wings and I always will! Good Luck

Im back

Sorry about not postin much. School is annoying. When did we get up to 12 people??? I can feel my wings bumps growing bigger and bigger….

If more people join or stalkers come we should make a private website or blog where we can talk.

Never Give Up!


I am in the mountains (I won’t tell you where till i get back)
I get to ski and snowboard. I am happy!


I recently realized since I started growing my wings I have been preforming better in everything. I jump 3 times as high as I used to.


I am happy!
I am sick, not happy.
I have been praying and God is answering my prayers, VERY VERY HAPPY
I am confident that my wings will come soon, HAPPY
I feel pain in my back, HAPPY
People are starving, VERY VERY SAD
We need to help them.


Tonight I have a feeling something good will happen!


I am tired. I just realized that me and Anthony are ze only boyes in dis flock. le me sooryy for bad typist


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