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Small Progress

I’ve sat down and plowed through MS Money’s budget software. We’ve got years of data but good ole Microsoft doesn’t use it the way I thought it would. So there is much tweaking to be done. But it’s a start.

Time to revisit budgeting

It’s certainly an interesting time to do so. I hope to start this next week, or it’s time to drop the goal.

Need to work on this soon

We’ve begun talking about this again. Finances have dropped from our direct attention, and it’s time to put this to the fore of our attention. Our spending has gone off and need pulling back.

We had previously set up several savings accounts to set aside monies for emergencies and vacations. Those accounts are have been caught up on deposits for the year.

I’ve always been frugal, and merging finances with WN was difficult. Really, now I need to look at spending and try to craft some general budget. How I don’t want to do this, but will make me far more comfortable with our financial situation. And WN is willing to try the budget, which makes me happy. We have fundamentally different views of money, which can lead to charged discussions.

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