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Starting over, yet again

So now that we’ve moved to a new city, the process for this begins anew, even though you’d think it would be easier to get rid of junk as we moved a sizeable distance. Internet, that is not the case at all. The new apartment is about the same size as the old one, but with less storage in the kitchen than before, and 3 smaller closets of roughly equal size instead of a linen closet, a coat closet and a massive pantry. But we’ll get it figured out. Eventually.

Solution: move!

I sort of forgot I had this as a goal. When we moved to a bigger place a couple of months ago, we swore that we wouldn’t let our new place get into the state that our last place did. So far, it’s working out pretty well. Yes, the spare (larger) bedroom is still full of boxes. However, the living room, while untidy at the moment, would require no more than 5 minutes of cleanup should someone pop by, and the same goes for the kitchen/dining area and bathroom. We clean more regularly now, and the things we use every day actually have nice places to hide in when they’re not being used.

This definitely isn’t complete, but a couple of shelving units and a weekend or two sorting out the spare room (which still has enough free space for me to comfortably do yoga, by the way) and I can get this done!

I'm not going to lie to you, Internet

Our place is an absolute mess. The living room generally looks somewhat livable, and kitchen can be fairly decent, but our bedroom is complete squalor. I hate it; part of the problem is that my husband is a wee bit of a packrat and I struggle with motivation, so the mess really gets on top of us. Added to this the fact that we lived in a 2-bedroom suite for a year and a half and then moved to our current 1-bedroom place, and you have a disaster.

I can conquer this…a little at a time.

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