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go on a road trip with no predetermined destination

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hire a VW hippie-van, grab a few friends (prefferably a few with a driving license), pack a tent and some matches for campnight fires, take a compass, chose a direction, and go.


I’m very roughly planning to go on a roadtrip this summer.
VERY ROUGHLY. As in, the only problem would be that we’d only have one person who could drive. So we have to see how serious she actually is about it :D
Anyway, we were planning on going from the Garda Lake in Northern Italy to a place near (well, 1.5 hours from) Brindisi in the very South, where plenty of my relatives live. It would be a VERY cool trip, we’d probably side-step near very cool places, and probably just take a good week to go round and do stuff. Actually it only takes 15 hours if you’re driving non-stop, but we could probably elongate that to last a good week, doing maybe 200 kilometres a day and then staying someplace nice, go to the beach, meet new people, all of that :)
I think it would be amazing, only problem is I would be 17 (my friend who’d be driving would be 18), so I don’t know whether my parents would let me.
But hey, it’s just an idea. If any of you guys have done something similar, or can give me any tips (what do you need for a roadtrip, baggage-wise, imagining that we’d probably be sleeping outside in tents or something, anything you reccomend taking, etc), go ahead, please!

PS I know this would actually have a destination, which is not the point in a roadtrip without a predetermined destination, but that’s pretty much the only thing we’d planned, and it’s one step closer to my goal :)


And film it all on the way :)

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