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grow my hair past my waist

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getting there...

My guess is for another…. hm, maybe two months or so. It’s grown plenty since summer, and when its straight it reaches only just to my waist, but I dont count that since my hair is usually all frizzy and insane.


I miss swishing my hair around… :[

Four months...

Since I cut it, and it’s grown a few inches, I believe. Which is strange, I didn’t know hair grew that fast. Anyway, judging by that it should be just past my waist this time next year :D


It’s gonna take forever :(
I’m really happy I cut it, though, it’s way healthier now. I guess I should have cut the ends more often, cause my hair really did look… mistreated, when it was really long. Now it’s all bouncy again.
My only problem is that people seem to have agreed that my optimal hair length is the one I have now, aka creepishly short for my standards. But in the end I suppose I don’t really care. I love having long hair, and this time I’m not going to let it go all frizzy and split-ended and so on, I’ll make sure it stays nice and curly, like it’s meant to :)
(PS picture is me with short hair)

I cut it all off!!

I used to have hair to my waist (longer if I uncurled it, although I never did), and this summer a friend of mine cut it, its not just longer than shoulder length. Looks-wise Im a short hair person, it suits my face better, but I loved having long hair, when it tickles your arms, keeps you warm in winter, and the way it falls onto your back when you’re taking a shower :)
I miss my long hair :(

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