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Stop hoarding things


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h_freebird has written 2 entries about this goal

The biggest ever issue of my life and i seem to have over come it!

i had the problem with having tonnes of things stuffed into boxes, shelves in hidden corners etc. but i decorated my room, top to bottom dragged everything out and chucked it all out (well the draws under my bed are still shut full of stuff, but that’s something i will deal with when i’m ready!!!!)
i think what people who hoard don’t realise, is that its some sort of issue with not wanting to forget someone, something or a moment…... you have to have a realisation with yourself to stop needing it and let go, live in the present, not the past

Ok i have a issue

right ‘stop hording things’ easy just get rid of all of the shit i don’t need….. open all the draws/boxes/cupboards/bags….go through all the folders/envelopes/shelves…....oh my god you have NO idea.
i have a small bedroom….BUT….i have 2 chests of draws….one is full of clothes(that i never wear)....the other is full of books/photos(that i cant fit on the walls)documents/and just THINGS, those THINGS that just live in your life that you never touch or look at or have any use AT ALL but you have them, and you cant get rid of them because they have existed in your life for too long to get rid of….. but you should just put them in the bin…..but you keep hold of them JUST IN CASE…..of WHAT?.....I’m not too sure.
There is a draw under my bed…..i can only open it if i price it open with a realy long ruler.. its full of shit….programmes from shows i went to see when i was 7….props and bits of costume from my GSCE’s…... letters … postcards … birthday cards….Christmas cards…..wigs…stupid little bits of STUFF i don’t even know what lives in that draw it just DOES.
the moment has passed where the hording thing got out of order… but the time has come…......i will dehord tomorrow…...give me luck…. i will report on my success


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