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Keep going

I have been in training for almost 2 months, but I haven’t seen dramatic weight loss yet. I trimmed down a little, but not really noticeable to others. I am surrounded by people who really watch their diet or who are starving themselves, eating only meal a day. Of course, they see results much faster. Luckily my trainer has been very supportive. Why do I want to compare myself with others?! I know working out is good for me. With my trainer’s encouragement, I have been going to different dance classes and am having fun. I will just need to keep faith and am sure with little patience I will shed the weight and have a body that looks like million bucks! YAH!

Yoga class

I have been to different gyms and found that each teacher’s style is different. For example, a few years ago I had one teacher who was tall and slim. She has long arms. Her movements were absolutely beautiful and elegant, like dances. I wanted to emulate her. If possible, I watch my movements in a mirror, making sure that I keep good postures.

Then I moved. I tried different teachers at the gym closer to my house and found out that they all teach very challenging poses, much more challenging than in other gyms, for example, lifting your body with your head touching the floor. I can’t keep up with them. Even with modified poses, I sweat so much that I have to stop every 5 or 10 minutes to grab my towel. The strange thing though, after each workout, I feel all the pressure on my muscles are gone, and I start to build muscle strength. So I will keep up. Hopefully I can have a beach bum body soon!

A great progress

I have hired a trainer to help. It has been a month. I didn’t lose any weight, but my body fat dropped from 36% to 31.7% of the total body weight. My goal is 17-20%. I also hope to lose 2 and a half inches on my waist. Like many people who said here, I just need to believe in myself in order to lose weight and be fit.

Do it for my health

I always feel tired and I’m wondering weight has taken away my energy.. :(

Lost 2 lbs in 2 weeks


I'm actually putting on more weight


Not Making Progress I desired

The hardest thing is to battle depression. I have been overeating and not having enough motivation to go to gym and exercise. But I’m drinking more water as needed.

Day 1

Barbequed chicken, but overate. hrrr.

Exercises: Gym, ski machine, 30 min, burned 217 calories. woohoo. Feel good about that.

Water: only drank a little over 1 liter. My goal is to drink 2.5 liters.

Lose 10 lbs in 2 weeks by

drinking water every waking hour. Let’s do that and see how it works. :)

My current goal

is to go 1 size down in clothing before Xmas so that I can reward myself with beautiful clothes I’ve always wanted.. :)

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