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Hot damn!

Bacon Frickin’ Steamer!


Wuntzel is really good at engineering and repairs

“I fixed the toilet,” she says.

“How?” I say; I tried to fix it
but now it’s overflowing into
the bowl.

“Just half-push the half-flush button.”

I love her but not halfly.




Still surreal
for January
for this boy.


A young echidna

Crossing the rail trail

Little snuffler. Not too
afraid of me. It turned into
a sea urchin and dug into
the sand tucking its snout


Superb Shiraz

Grown in 7 meters of
Lower Cambrian soil.



Like to live
at the zoo, please.


Iron pyrite

in the La Trobe River
below Tooronga Falls



And her bouquet
that she instructed
me to pick.

12km in the pram
which was a good
workout (for me).


Nerdy SMS to my girlfriend:

I love you more than a
laminated pseudotachlyte-schist zone.

She laughs. Loves it. I’m hopeless.


News from The Onion:

Poll: Majority Of Americans Approve Of Sending Congress To Syria


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