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I'm still thinking about this goal a lot.

I haven’t posted on this goal for 5 months now. I really wanted to have my application submitted so that I would be able to attend in the Spring, but with all the other things going on in my life right now (still pending divorce, possible bankruptcy, overall new adjustments in life), I doubt that I will be able to put the focus into a masters degree right now. I’m keeping this goal here though because I DO want to achieve it. Not sure what my time frame on going back is yet…but I’m going to loosely say 1-3 years.

I need to take the GRE!

Since I am thinking about applying to more schools than just the one I graduated from and they will be asking for those scores…

I might have to take the subject matter one too…better look into that…

When I'm Going Back...

I originally wanted to be back at the Uni this fall to start up on my master’s degree, but with the craziness of divorce and being in limbo with so many things, I decided it would be a better plan to postpone going back until Jan ‘08. At least by then things should be stabilized in my life and I’ll be able to concentrate fully on my studies.

Application is coming along

I visited one of my former professors last night and he was very encouraging and told me that just based on knowing me and my work, he thinks I won’t have any problem getting into the master’s program there at my old uni. He even said he’d be willing to be a reference on my application! Yay!


I started my application essay today and emailed some of my old professors to see if I could meet with them and get some advice on the application process (and also ask them to give me a reference!).

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