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Sorry if a little bit long my post but please read. I believe that perfect pitch is learned. I don’t believe is something only a “special” group of people have and we cant. I mean NOBODY is born knowing which color is which not with pitch is which. Absolute Pitch is a cognitive function. These people don’t have “super ears” nor theirs is different of other people. Absolute pitch is more how the brain processes tones and pitches. And i believe we can learn to think that way. We se read and we know is red. Why isn’t what a “Absolute Color” o whatever skill that only “special” people can do? Is because everybody learn the colors. Same can happen with the thing of perfect pitch. Is all i n our head. The way we associate things. I’m gonna LEARN and make it something NATURAL for me!! and i want people to think that way and dont let people who claim that you cant learn it. or that if you learn it is not useful because is not natural. No body is born playing an instrument, speaking, even recognizing ANYTHING. We learn EVERYTHING one way of another; Consciously or not and make it part of us until t becomes NATURAL!! So im gonna make perfect pitch something natural for me and teach those who claim they have something nobody possesses that we can make it to!!! Thanks!!


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