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Get a MacBook Pro


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This is why I want one...

This says it all really:


Closer and closer

I might be in a position soon to get one of these although I am not so sure which to get now – either a Macbook Pro (refurb) or a new Macbook. The difference between them doesn’t seem to be that great apart from screen size.

Back to the drawing board (or wallet)

I entered a competition to win a Macbook Pro. All you had to do was design a logo for this company. Didn’t win.

This time…



I have entered a competition to win one of these which involved designing a logo. Fingers crossed!

Office anywhere

With a powerbook I can do my work anywhere – especially Ilford :-) So I can use the same software as on the G5. If I can combine this with some kind of wireless internet I will be laughing. Well, ok, designing then.


I want to:
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