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practice and promote environmental conservation

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Joined the Wilderness Society This week

I decided to give financial aid to an organisation that protests against logging of old-growth forests, especially in Tasmania.

Eat Less Beef

Cows are a massive contributor to greenhouse gases. I don’t have the exact statistics but its something like…
1Kg of beef has a greenhouse gas equivalent of 300km driving in a car plus leaving all of your lights and TV on all day in your house.
So finding a healthy alternative seems like a practical way to reduce your “carbon footprint”. The local media has put forward the idea of kangaroo and the science is there to support it. I wonder how emu stacks up.

A New Way to Contribute!!

The local grocery store donates 1% of all of my purchases to a local charity of my choice, so I chose a local land-care organisation, Barung Landcare. Hip Hip…

Walk the walk

I’ve got the number for a local land-care organisation, Burrung Land Care, that do a lot of revegetation projects in my area. I’ll get in touch with them this week to see what volunteer activities they have on. I can’t think of a more practical way to fulfill this goal than to actually donate my time to tree planting and revegetation projects. It would be great if I could plant enough trees to offset more than my fair share of carbon emissions… make up for some lost time.

Ghost Nets

I jsut saw a documentary about “Ghost Nets”. Ghost nets are nets that have been cut loose for whatever reason and are floating freely in the ocean. In the Gulf of Carpentaria (Australia), there is a program to clean these nets up from the beaches as they wash up. They have found that turtles often get trapped and drown in these nets, their bodies still wrapped up in the nets on the beach. I don’t know what I can do about this (I’m not a fisherman) other than encourage those of you who ARE fisherman to please dispose of your nets properly ;)

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