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The funniest thing happened

I talked with Sitruunapuu yesterday about NaNoWriMo and she tried to talk me to join. I hesitated since I haven’t have prober idea for novel for a long time. I have had couple ideas, but they weren’t so interesting even to me that I would have energy to write them down. But then yesterday suddenly I was hit by a new idea! It had nothing to do with my previous ideas. First I had only begin and end thought ready, but now I got all kind of other stuff to add between.

The story is based on biotechnological laboratory in the near future and it’s science fiction with hint of horror and romance.

I guess I should just start writing then!

Deep thoughts

I have had few ideas lately what I would like to write down. But for some reason, I haven’t. And right now I feel too busy with other things. But I should get them off my head.

It's already ready in my head

and now I just need to put it on paper.

It will be for my sister so I need to start working it right now if I want to send it for her in Dec 1st.

EDIT. And I am done! I wish I could write my thesis this fast too :D

I found my old notebok

I’ve been writing fiction since I learned how to write. Well I used to write. Lately I haven’t have time or inspiration or what ever I’m lacking to write. I found my old notebook. It starts with really old poems, written when I was 7 years old. The poems ends in 1997 in that notebook and after that, in year 2003, I had written short stories and beginnings of novels. When I was teen I used to write a lot. Perhaps cos I was quite lonely child and book and writing was my own world. And in my stories I lived. I was able to say and do what ever I wanted and I had something that I didn’t had in real life.

I know that I can write. And even quite well. I had amazing imagination and skill to write vividly. I don’t think that skill has gone anywhere. I still write sometimes, but so rarely. I want to start writing again. I written good stories about stuff I had never experienced, and now when I have experienced (oh so much more!) I should be able to write even better ones.

I want to share one poem that I have written when I was 9 or 10 years old. I think it was quite nice :D I translate it for you of course cos it was in Finnish (so this isn’t really the original) :)

Many fairy tales

You have heard
many fairy tales
one is for real
meaning of the life
The most beautiful sentence
that I have heard

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