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find myself

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heaveemetal has written 3 entries about this goal

First I need insight...

Something that is in flux much of the time.
How can I know me
something that changes every week, every year?
I’ve known me for 56 years
and I’ve barely scratched the surface

Looking for wisdom...

in a world of metaphor.
Deciding what is real to me.
Begin by trying to see what is beyond
the first presented image
and unravel the strategies contained within.
Far more mathematical than
basic metaphors.
If you think the song in this video
means anything other than
fine feelings,
you might be wrong…

Hard to believe I've never added this goal...

I searched high and low for answers
weighing the pros and cons
playing a waiting game for a decade and a half.
Nothing had any effectiveness for me
Until one night in September of ‘05 when I happened
across this little oasis on the web.
And things started to change.
Including me.
A miracle really…

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