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Everything is out of the Condo...

Pretty much.
It looks so big now.

A few positives...

I went over and got the freezer out of there and THEN,
I went back over and loaded up a lot of shelving and plant related items.
Hauled things not being kept to trash.
The hardest thing was to get the sleeper couch out of there.
HEAVY and not worth keeping or donating.
I have a 6 foot long iron bar used by railroad crews to align rails when new ones are spiked down.
I ripped the couch into sections with this bar and deposited the pieces in the dumpster. :)


I have been busy.
Lots to do.
Little time.
I HAVE to get done moving out of my condo.
There is a demand for rentals in the area.
I have a chance to actually generate income.
This weekend.
2 loads out and over here.

All the plants are here in the basement.
I have everything I need to set up…

3 1000 watt grow lights set to timers.
8 hours of sunlight a day
7 tables and an assortment of shelves.

By Sunday night,
maybe we’re in business…


really doing great.
Took 38 perfect size boxes over to Condo.
Put them inside.
Locked door and left.
Weak attempt to do anything.
Procrastination about 45

The amount of things...

still sitting to be moved here is
somewhat large.

Better get moving my ass

I've been using the panic mode...

of packing.
And we hired a couple strapping young men with a truck to get all the heavy stuff. They should be here soon!

I'm moving in...

the next 9 to 14 days.
I’ve done nothing.
The shortage of time will be a motivation factor by next weekend.
Count on it.

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