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heaveemetal has written 7 entries about this goal

5 years ago today...

we met.
Tonight, on the way home, I picked up some of our favorite food.
We cuddled up and had a fire to warm up.
So many things have changed in the last 5 years.
I’m happy we are together…

December 8th...

today and that meant that we have been together 4 years.
Stormy at times like any relationship, sprinkled with long stretches of deep meaning and understanding.
We really seem to “get” each other most of the time.
Something I’ve never had over a stretch of time.
And each of us have helped the other conquer some huge inner demons…

Your positive qualities are many...

and I appreciate them all.

Your honesty is refreshing. Some of our conversations when we both listen and talk face to face are the most wonderful thing.

Your big heart and the way you help me and others is touching. You put others ahead of yourself so many times. It is a very beautiful thing.

Your unselfishness is somewhat related to the big heart entry. You are not demanding or materialistic. When there are other things that need to be done by me, you understand. Never complaining that I may have to do something with work, friends, my Ex or especially my kids. And you have supported my kids as if they were a part of you in spite of that one thing. It takes a special person to do so.

Your ability to understand thoughts, situations and especially the past and how it has molded us is right on.

And your love of those plants that we both are addicted to is fun to indulge…

I've not marked this as completed...

Because I feel it might jinx it.
We’ve had our problems
just like any couples.
But we are an item.
We spend our valuable time together and there is no better way to spend it.
Our interests and
are similar.
We have helped each other climb the mountains of
our issues and problems.
Thank You…

This rings true to me...

How the formula to recreate the magic is tried and altered

Like an alchemist we search for the ingredients and proper proportions

To find that which is more valuable than gold…

My Curse

I watched you walk away
Hopeless, with nothing to say
I strain my eyes
Hoping to see you again
This is my curse (the longing)
This is my curse (time)
This is my curse (the yearning)
This is my curse
There is love burning to find you
Will you wait for me?
Will you be there?
Your silence haunts me
But I still hunger for you
This is my curse (the wanting)
This is my curse (time)
This is my curse (the needing)
This is my curse
There is love burning to find you
Will you wait for me?
And still I want
And still I ache
But still I wait
To see you again
Dying, inside, these walls [2x]
And I see your face in these tears
In these tears
And I see your face…
There is love [8x]


this should be goal number 1…

Since I’m available and looking….

I've never added...

an entry to this…that will change today…

Any relationship has it’s hurdles and obstacles…some are harder to overcome than others…

But some things need to be tried…like I’ve said before…there is no absolute right and wrong in many instances…no black and white…but many shades of gray…

And then again…some things are right…even when others think they are wrong…who are they to judge???...

And so I made this

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