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stop pulling my hair

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not going to well…stress levels has gone up the past few days,,emotional problems making me go hay-wire..not sure how long i can keep up the no-pull hair-anymore goal..hmm..depressed.Pulled my hair almost constantly yesterday…didint know why and didnt even try to stop myself, felt disappointed with myself.Havent touched my hair the whole mornin today, retaliating with my inner demon to not pull my hair…hopefully I can keep it up till end of this day n il be at least a bit happy with my progress through this tortures habit

After 4 days...

Not really impressed with my progress…went really well on first day,but when stress kicked in ,i can feel the urge to pull is even stronger than usual and i eventually succumb to it..hmmm…not really happy with myself.Found a statergy,tying my hair into a bun..it does stop me but I need to find a better statergy for long term effect.Tried writing down each time my hand went up to my hair, tht worked fine and tried to keep a minimum of ten records a day.Not really working well but still gona continue with it and hope for d best. need a whole lot of effort and willpower to stick to it!!!! Gambate!

Its already been a year

Sadly, this was my new year resolution last year and im still trying to break this habit but its not really working out. I remind my self constantly whenever i touch my hair to not to touch it and the hair-pulling gets really worse when im stressed or concerntrating in sumthing. So far, i have been for around an hour and half without pulling my hair today,ill increase the time span more tmw(hopefully)

Main reason the addictive habit started is beacuse i have weird hair texture,its not smooth,it has like sum kinda roughness to it or u can call it uneven suface on the strands that make me wana stroke it…weird…i know.It started by jus by feeling by touching it but now im like unconsiously doing it all the time,even while standing up.Made fun by almost anyone bout my eccentric habit, did put me down a little but not enough to stop it.

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