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so yeah i need help. i’m falling APART
i’ve always been depressed, but eventually I got a lot better, because I was on medication && seeing a doctor. But recently I’ve found that I have ADHD so I’m on a strong medication for that. but idk, in the past month or two, my depression has been escalading rapidly. At a very abnormal rate. I’ve been getting increasingly worse. If something doesn’t go my way, I scream && throw things, like a 3 year old would do. If I boyfriend gets mad at me, I threaten to kill myself. I don’t have any of my friends anymore, && I definatley used to be such an outgoing person. My borderline personality disorder is taking over my life. I can’t stop it, I need help. Everyone close to me says that I can change, it’s all in my head. No this taking me over!

I made an appt with a really good pyscologist, he’s gonna analyze me && shit but I’m seriously so unhappy. I can see it hurts my boyfriend, maybe even more then it hurts me. No matter how much I hurt him, he stays with me. I know he loves me, I love him too, but help me treat him the way he deserves!

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