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to live free in a time when no chains held me

captive…to feel the freshness of each days moment
with unknown ending. Laugh and hoot carefree as we walk down the streets. Remember the time….live again in this time. It was so long ago….but each day there are glimpses that gives me HOPE. HOPE….which whispered from Pandora’s box only after all the other plagues and sorrows had escaped, is the best and last of all things. HOPE.

be stranded for 3 days on a deserted desert island.

have spiritual testing and come to my senses about life.


love him
forget about him
leave him
drive him mad
travel away
make him jealous
come home
he makes love to me
cannot stop

new ones to add to the list

let him wash my hair
let him take care of me
fall asleep in his arms
drink tea in bed at night
coffee in the morning
and mimosas at noon
be surprised

boring but necessary goals

de clutter garage, under the stairs, sheds and spare room.
backyard clean up
fix the water at the back of house
change filter in the furnacy thingy
change batteries in the C2 sensors…never has been done

there the not so glamourous stuff is now on the list…just like cleaning my truck which went on there how long ago? I don’t know but as long as its on the list its as good as done RIGHT???

get my padi certification

renovate my kitchen
go on a mother/son vacation
go on a mother/daughter vacation
spend more time at the cottage this summer
go out dancing
remodel the basement
have friends over for a bbq
have a garage sale to help with my decluttering
ride my bike this summer
rollerblade more this summer

be with my soulmate

kiss him again
say yes to his proposal
but first he has to come get me.

slow dance in the dark

see red hot chili peppers in concert
vacation on a yacht in the mediterranean
ride on a motorcycle

Read Leo Tolstoy

The Kingdom of God it within You
Finish Reading the Bible
Learn about Jainism

Bath in Natural Hot Springs in the Canadian Rockies

Hot springs in Iceland or Finland or other place. Submerge!
Bike through the South of France Lourdes – Carcasonne – Nice.
GO back to Paris – Eiffel Tower with someone special.
Surround myself with Flowers
SKI in the ALPS
Ski in Vale
Ski in Aspen
Find out what the hell is a truffel is?
Learn about Jane Ayre
Learn more about different religions..Muslim first.
Go to Interlaken in the summertime
Get More Sleep

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