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i also forgot to add that after a while, it can really really mess with your head.

like to a point that going to bed is dreadful. i would be doing my lucid thing, then next thing i know, im awake in my bed, and my room looks EXACTLY HOW IT SHOULD. in one instance i went to turn on the light (which i later found out light switches never work), and i called my mom because the power was out. when she tried the light, she told me the power must be out and to get the dogs and come in her room. i did, and started telling her about my dream, and all of a sudden, BOOM, im awake in my bed, and everything is right in its place just like the time before. it took me a good 20 minutes to believe i was awake.

and besides that, i was having dreams that i was getting in painful situations, then “waking up” from the pain, to then only be put in another painful situation, and it could happen anywhere from 3-5 times before i was actually awake.. and the times when i was truely awake and wasnt sure.. that was the scariest. so, you have to be careful once you have too much control

definitely a good time

ive been doing this since i was little. never knew it was a weird thing. but sometimes its way more fun than being awake, especially when you dream of the same places and know exactly where to find the same people (and you can have some fun with them, if youre the kind of person like i am ;] )


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