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list 43 things I like about myself

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Brownian has written 43 entries about this goal


I am a great daughter.
Right Mom and Dad?


I am a creative person.
I think divergently about things, which makes life fascinating!


I think I have good taste.
In food, wine, clothes, music, and art.

My Hair

Sometimes it is a pain, but it is thick and curly, which is pretty

What's important

I am not so driven by success tha I forget what’s important in life-
Like friends and family and enjoying yourself!:)


I have eclectic interests and friends.
I think this makes my life interesting, and I like this about me!


I think I am a sexy, sensual kind of person, and I like this about me!


I encourage others to participate in sports!
I think sports are great and like that I can influence people to get involved.


I think I truly am a Beauty.

Big Laugh

I have a big laugh and often a boisterous personality.
I like this about myself I think it lifts the spirit of a space.

Brownian has gotten 5 cheers on this goal.


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