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enjoy Fall 2007 by having one new and fulfilling experience in October, November, and December

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went sledding for the first time in years (!!!!) in december. i told my freind: “we parked near soldier field at about 10:30 at night and snuck onto a huge hill and sledded for about an hour and a half. and it was crazy fun. i can’t even explain. my ass hurts so much. it was great.”

i learned to begin to let go. i say begin because it’s a long road.

i began to full steam ahead sell my art (shows and online) and commit to it more fully.

i studied my ass off for my classes and actually got good grades (not bad, old man).

and i read everyone’s new experience in this goal and it very sincerely made me more awake and better for it.

Make Something Day

My sister came into town and since I don’t get to see her that often (she’s out in dc, i’m in chicago) I treasure all the time I have with her. My friend Michael was celebrating Buy Nothing Day by inviting people to his art studio to participate in what he was calling Make Something Day. We got to learn how to make batik t shirts (and made a few of them for ourselves), hung out, talked and had a great time.

On the ride home my sister and I got to really talk, you know, one of those nighttime drive home talks that you get to keep in your memory.

This November I heard Iraq and Vietnam war veterans share their stories at a benefit and I remembered what it really meant to be a teacher. I saw deer and elk (may seem strange but I have been a city boy forever). I got in touch with old friends again (I miss my friend Shari). All in all, it was a November full of memory and more to think about.

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