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Read 30 Books in 2011

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30. The Bell Ringer of Angel and other stories

I downloaded this free book on my eReader – but the collection of short stories is pretty predictable.

29. You lost me there

This book lost me. The race to 30 by Dec 31 is almost over and I’m glad I finished this one!

28. A Christmas Carol

I’ve seen the movie so many times and now with my eReader I can download it free and read it. I really enjoyed it and was surprised how close the classic versions of the movie stayed to it.

27. 1Q84

YAY! Another big book finished with my handy ereader and convenient, portable, crying device (baby). I really enjoyed this book and it kept me enthralled until the very last page. It’s Murakami so the plot is a bit complicated but it involves an editor and an assassin.

26. The Tiger

This was a non-fiction book nominated for Canada Reads. It’s the story of a man mauled by a Siberian tiger, but really it’s about Russia and the economic conditions after perestroika and poaching and tigers. It was written by a man from Vancouver (my hometown). It was a neat read.

25. Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell

FUN! I was always a bit intimidated by this book because it was so big. But once I had it on my e-Reader I could take little bites without having to carry around this huge tome.

It was a neat book with a really interesting premise BUT it just sort of ended, it didn’t have a nice pleasing wrap up but rather an end. It felt like it was supposed to be the first in a three-volume novel.

But YAY! Only five books left!

24. Best Laid Plans

Continuing my love of the Kobo, I’ve just finished The Best Laid plans that I took out from the library – online! It was a neat book, nothing life changing but a really fun read. I think it would appeal to anyone who likes politics, particularly in a Commonwealth Country, I’m not sure Americans would understand the particulars of our system unless they had studied it in school (I barely understand theirs!)

23. Jude the Obscure

I got a kobo, I got a kobo. Classics are free through the Gutenburg project and it’s much more fun to read on an e-reader. Though it’s hard to call Jude “fun”.

I sort of knew the story from the movie in the 90s. But what struck me the most this time (and then actually) was how close the story could have been to my life, a choice between the older wiser man and a younger man who was dedicated to learning. I ran from both and ended up in a better place. But it was odd to see some of my thoughts echoed in a Victorian novel.

22. Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

This was a neat book, it was a mystery, which I don’t usually enjoy but it really kept my interest.

21. The horse that leaps through clouds

I LOVEd this book. It’s the story of a Finnish explorer Mannerheim who made a trek from St. Petersburg to Beijing in the early 1900s. 100 years later a man from Canada (Vancouver) follows in his footsteps. It was particularly interesting since I’ve been through some of the areas he talks about.

If you like true stories and biographies and travel books this is a great choice

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