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Earn $250 in crafts revenue

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hollymoose78 has written 9 entries about this goal

I did it! Over $250 in revenue in less than a year!

Okay, put that way it doesn’t sound like much, but these 8 months have been about learning the ropes, finding my niche, and all while maintaining my full time job, caring for my family, and being very active in my husband’s production company, as well as a little charity work. So, given that… I’m thrilled to be able to live my dream… even part time. :)

revenue update

No new sales over the last several days, but I have a good strong plan for the future, and I am excited to update my shop!

I am almost done with my first wholesale order- will work on it over lunch, and plan to finish it this weekend, and invoice for it. This goal will be complete very soon!

SO close!

I just received 14.26 (that’s without what Paypal takes- would have been 15)...
new total: $245.60
Left to get: $4.40

Once I finish my wholesale order, I’ll be well over the goal! I could also sell something else in the meantime and get the remainder. Meanwhile, I’ll get to sewing my hippo slippers!

Oh so happy! Getting my craft skills recognized!!

I am thrilled to report that I just checked my website
fully expecting to see a note from one of my current customers, and I got a message requesting me to wholesale some of my tiny hippo slippers to www.hippomojo.com (VERY cute site, by the way!)
I am over the moon right now!

Yay! a double sale!

I just checked my store again for like the 5th time today, and I sold 2 items to one customer, and got another custom order from another customer!

New total: $231.34
Left to get: $18.66 (<—very doable!)

Made another sale- custom order

So exciting to update this-

Sold the Tiniest pair of white bunny slippers for Lati Yellow doll…

New total: $219.02
Left to get: $30.98

another sale on Etsy! Yay!!!

Sold a pair of tiny pig doll slippers to Finland! Woohoo!

$13.15 (now mind you, shipping comes out of that and so do my Etsy fees when they’re due, but I’m not being super specific here.)
New total: $210.58
Need: $39.42

I predict I’ll meet this goal before the end of the year. I think that is a realistic goal for sure. Now I just need to get busy posting my items, and keep crafting away!

revenue update

I’m now up to: $197.43
Need: $52.57

I hope to make some major sales when I add tons of items to my Etsy site. www.hollymoose.esty.com (Shameless plug!)

starting point- crafts revenue

I’m up to: $193.43
Need: $56.57

I chose $250 because it’s half a car payment, and a nice round number. Won’t be long now- especially if I keep making and posting items.

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