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Find 43 people on 43 things with goals I'd never choose

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Become a Mutant with super powers

If only that were possible… and if it is, good for them!

#12 - 13

Get so drunk you don’t remember anything


my techer dates justin

hahahahah what? I would never choose that goal!


11) win an psp (not only do I not want a psp, but the grammar for this goal is horrible!)

#6 - 10

Oooh, what I find when I go through the zeitgeist…

6. Find a sugar daddy

7. Be a wolf
8. Be a dragon
9. become a witch
(either this is part of some game, or they are quite ambitious!)

10. go bald
(i just don’t think i could rock that look)


become immortal

Ooooh, those vampire movies/tv shows….


grow wings
There are 522 people with this goal?? Really?.. no entiendo…

#2 -

2. Star in a porn film
3. meet britney spears

#1 drink more blood

So… not ONLY does this person want to drink more blood… but apparently they already drink blood (according to this goal). Blood freaks me out as is. I don’t know of that many people who want to drink blood… unless this person is a vampire…

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