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Save $1000

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has been unfortunately put on pause because i currently don’t have a job!

so, it’s a bit impossible…

well unless i just save the money people give me for being a college student… maybe i can make some sort of income this way :P

i still have about $500 in a bank account total… but i see that more than likely going down…


total: $198.47
left2go: $801.53

I’m definitely not getting paid as much as I once was. I need to try to not spend as much and realize I do have the food at home if I really need to get something to eat. The only thing that can really drain me now is gas. I just want to act as if I don’t even have a savings account. It’s not there, I don’t know about this 198 bucks that just sits there :P

the holidays..

took me back down haha

total: $96.68
left2go: $903.32

I plan to get back to keeping track of what I’m spending money on… Hopefully that will help!


Didn’t get paid that much, but at least it’s a little bit more going into savings and more than what I’ve had. Can’t complain on that.

left to go: $823.54

starting over :/

Had a few trips, and had to dig into my savings account! I’m starting again.

Total: $101.73
Left to go: $898.27

now all i need to do

is act like this isn’t here


left to go: 572.59

things happened

and I’m back down to $365 :/

Ah well, it’s ok. I’ll just keep going from there.

made it halfway :)

What can I say it was quite a big paycheck.

Total: $526.12
Left to go: $473.82

went down to

had to take some money out for the weekend and hopefully it’ll last until Wednesday

Another Payday

and 50% of my paycheck going in savings! I can do it! I spent a lot of money today :/ Yes, I tend to splurge on payday. But I’m going to try to calm down. Can’t wait until I make it halfway!! :)

Total: $404.18
Left to go: $595.82

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