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How To Be A Better Friend

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How To Be A Good Friend

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Good Advice

Treat your friends as you wish to be treated. Stated another way: “To have a friend, be a friend.”

I just found that and thought I would share.


I have no clue what the deal with my attitude could be. Could it be, dealing with past friendships and the problems have ran over into new friendships? I really do not know, but I really want to be better at this whole thing. You can always tell who your real friends are. The one friend I really can depend on is always there for me. And I act like I do not have time to listen to her day or anything. Yeah, she can do little things to irk me, but I am sure I do the same. I really want to snap out of this attitude. Please help me….


My cousin/bestfriend and I are going to be moving in together. And I know that I can not walk around with an attitude for no reason. I have to get my act together, I love my cousin, and she does so much for me. I would die if something happened to her. And I think that the both of us living together would make us more comfortable and closer!


I have some really great friends. They all know that I love them but I know that I can be a better friend to them. Just need to learn how to deal with my attitude.

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