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Work through "Walking in this World" & "The Intuitive Way"

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hopena has written 2 entries about this goal

Week One: Discovering a Sense of Origin

I’ve had this typed out three times now (the introduction to this snippet), only to have the computer restart on me each time. (Dad got the computer going again, but it’s still doing its thing.) So, I’ve photographed it, and we’ll see how far I get with the list…

  1. Paint rocks.
  2. Try painting one of the acrylic paintings in the set mum gave me in January (now that I’ve found the little wotsit – palette – that came with it).
  3. Work a little more on the afghan (that needs to be finished mid-May.)
  4. Sketch a little something. Anything, and don’t worry about it being bad.
  5. Try a new recipe.
  6. Bake bread from scratch.
  7. Make some soup to go with the bread. (Or chili.)
  8. Plant the berry bushes.
  9. Get some seeds started, and plant the onion bulbs. (Although we need a rototiller.)
  10. Buy another oil painting kit.
  11. Paint something from the Bob Ross book, to get my footing back with oil paints.
  12. Redecorate my bedroom. (Possibly.)
  13. Start working through that essay-writing book I’ve had for three years now.
  14. Make another wish jar/God jar.
  15. Find the cross-stitch that I bought last September (!), the Pooh & Friends one, and make a start on it.
  16. Make another set of runes. Angel runes, and/or the pumpkin seed Halloween/witch runes, from Silver Ravenwolf’s book.
  17. Throw away things that don’t work. Give away things I no longer wear.
  18. Make a bed for the cats or the dogs (or both).
  19. Find the knitting patterns for dog blankets and sweaters. Make one and hope that I don’t traumatize recipient for life… (they look adorable in their coats with furry edging, though they make me laugh- they look like little divas.)
  20. Try a new flower essence.

I received one before Christmas

The Intuitive Way from T, and started the exercises then, when I stayed home with Bertie one Saturday evening, when I had been supposed to be going out for a few hours; I slacked off after the holidays, as other things happened, and I lost track of the book for a while.

I read Walking in this World in 2003, just as the war in Iraq started. I never did finish The Artist’s Way, The Vein of Gold, or The Sound of Paper. I’d like to finish one of them, so I’m going to try with this one. Four years ago, I was reading Finding Water, after finding out about a group working their way through it – several blog authors I read, including The Silent K, and Jessie being two of them. I ordered that book through the library the other day, so I guess I’ll be sending it back; I associate it with a Spring in which I felt mostly happy, and K’s picture of the fish has stuck with me since then. (I love the fish area in pet stores, as well – so relaxing.)

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