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be proud of myself

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Love Myself

that’s what this is all about. giving myself all the love I deserve!


Affirmations for Self-Esteem

There are many things I do successfully. (Write them down if you have to.)
I can improve my self-esteem by meeting my own expectations.
I don't have to strive for perfection to approve of myself.
My worth as a human being does not depend on achieving a perfect weight, or by being the smartest, or the most popular, or the fastest, or having the highest grades, or being the funniest, or having the coolest friends, or getting into the best school, or... (you fill in the rest !)
I alone am responsible for the decisions I make.
I am a unique individual.
Persistence will help me succeed.
Every mistake I make can be an opportunity to learn. I can't be afraid to make mistakes, this is how I learn to improve.
I deserve support and will ask for help when I need it.
I have the power to forgive myself for past mistakes.
I will treat myself as someone special.
I determine what success means to me.

Maybe I'm not so bad after all

I went on a date last night. And at the end of the evening, after over hearing myself tell “my story”, etc. I thought, yeah, I really like who I am. I’m actually a cool person. Someone, guy or girl, whatever, will be totally lucky, if I ever decide to embark on a relationship again. It feels good to get perspective, to get out of the eddies of self doubt in my mind. I have values. Maybe I am in a rough patch, but the core of things is still just fine. Very nice insight.

I was a cute kid!

Well, I’m starting here, I was a cute little kid. That I can appreciate about myself. I like remembering the time when I was so alive and not afraid of anything!

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