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hydroelectricity is doing 12 things including…

master cleanse

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post-cleanse DAY ONE

well, i accomplished my 40 days and added an additional 3 days to it. whoa – 43 days :) NICE. i wanted to keep going through the weekend because i figured it would be easier to keep a strict post-cleanse diet through the work week. today i drank some oj. i actually juiced oranges and tangelos. it’s really sweet and i’m missing the spice from the cayenne. i can’t believe i never got sick of the lemonade! i really loved it. whew. you know what i’m really happy to saying bye to? that damn swf and the senna…ugh. i couldn’t handle anymore of that stuff. BARF!

hmmm…i dunno what to say? i have absolutely loved doing this cleanse. there were times when it was rough, but at the same time i knew that if i gave in to any cravings i would’ve regretted it entirely.

for all the people who’ve done the mc before…

i would love to hear any advice or words of wisdom from your post cleanse experiences. things you wish you had done or regretting doing, etc. i am still pretty nervous about eating again. i don’t want to screw up!

congrats to all of you who have started your cleanse – it DOES get easier :)

0 days left ;)

Day 38

hello day 38 :)

i’ve been kind of bummed out lately. i’m one of those people who has a hard time letting go of things. well, i think everyone has that problem to some extent…

i fall into funks really easily i guess. mostly when things end. like, vacation. yes, i get really upset and anxious after vacation. i am not sure how to explain that? not because i’m sad that the vacation is over and i have to go back to work…it’s more like i get really nervous that something bad is going to happen. i dunno…it’s hard to explain.

so, anyway…my point is that i’m sad that this cleanse is ending for me. i actually want to keep going. but, of course i want to be a better version of me & if i kept going all that would do is create a new ‘problem’. so, that is what i’m dealing with right now.

some things i do know for sure…

exercise is a must for me. i feel so different when i make exercise a priority in my life.

keeping my environment ‘clean’. it really changes my attitude when it is really messy or really clean.

doing things for myself that are good for me (yoga, reading, journaling, hiking, sleeping, etc)

well, that’s what i got for today.

2 days left

Day 36

there are so many ways to treat yourself everyday. so many things to enjoy & do. i’ve really been noticing that lately. there is so much to this life & it is so easy to not take advantage of all there is to experience. i don’t want to live a boring life. i do not want to regret days spent doing nothing to help me or someone live life better…

so, what to do with myself?

4 days left. my oh my

Day 35

ummm…nothing new

this has become such a routine. i wish i had something crazy to write about – well, maybe not :) things are going smoothly. i never had the intention to give up things after this cleanse. like going vegan or anything like that. but for some reason things i normally love don’t sound as good as they used to. like, coffee. i love coffee. at least i did. now, i don’t really want that – i’m really enjoying the ‘lightness’ of the peppermint tea. which i did drink before this cleanse, but i’d always choose coffee over it. also, i’ve been looking into vegan cooking?? not that i’m against eating that way or something…i think it’s fantastic! i just love my steak, ya know? i would like to see myself eating as vegan-like as possible 90% of the time. and if i feel like indulging in a steak or whatever – so be it. i’m liking that thought. i bet i’d feel fuckig amazing.

oh! one thing i’ve noticed…

i’ve never had sinus, asthma, allergy problems before – but while on this cleanse…i don’t even have snot in my nose or boogers! haha…interesting.

5 more days…awwwww :)

Day 31

i don’t want this to end.

mostly because i’m nervous about how the post-cleanse will be. dammit…what am i supposed to do? i haven’t created a plan yet, so that might be aiding my ‘fear’ of transitioning back to eating. it’s so easy not to eat. easy and so fucking hard. i just like the aspect of never having to think about what you’re gonna buy and prepare and consume and then poop out or have to ‘work off’. it’s awesome. i already know my first two days are going to be lemonade and fresh oj. after that i will make a nice fruit salad and eat that for lunch on day 3 – maybe a cup of it. and if i feel well, i will eat it again for dinner. that will also be for 2 days. day 4 will make my soup – i plan on putting just about every veggie i can get my hands on in the damn thing. i just gotta be careful to eat really small portions of it. again, my goal is to NEVER get that ‘omg, i ate too much!’ feeling. i hate that!!!! day 6 will be a fresh salad with spinach, tomato, avacado with a dressing of olive oil, vinegar & lemon. i guess i do know what my plan is :)

maybe it’s just that this has really become so routine and i know what to expect every day. this is why OCD behavior is so comforting to most people. hmmmmm. real life shouldn’t be scary or avoided. i guess it’s just a lack of confidence in knowing how to handle certain situations. i know i am in control of everything i do to myself. i need to remember that.

anyway…congrats on all the fresh faces….errr avatars?

holy fucking sHIT!!!!!!! 9 days left. whoa.

Day 29

hmmm…nothing really new to report. i had a fantastic weekend :)

11 days left! jeez!

Day 25

so, i had a huge craving today…TO QUIT! after about 15 minutes it has passed. i was yearning for grilled eggplant and a nice glass of red wine.

cravings are so weird. the food cravings are obvious while doing this cleanse, but all the other cravings?? goodness – they just come and go all day long. i guess the food ones are so intense because usually when you have a food craving, you can almost instantly satisfy it. but, with cravings you have with other people or money or a job or anything…they require more work to satisfy. a lesson in patience i suppose.

there is this one quote that i am so in love with this past month. unfortunately, i can’t remember where i got it! i hate quoting something without giving proper credit, but i will :) it’s just too good…

“You can have everything. You just can’t have everything right now! To reach your goals and live the life you want, it takes priorities and patience—the ability to choose between two competing wishes, and the willingness to set one aside for now and wait.”

i am going to spoil myself this weekend! a few things i will buy & do for myself:
-a nice scale (fat%, water%, etc)
-a waterpik
-bikram yoga (the class is so $$$)
-renting movies!
-epsom salt & oil for BATHS!
-painting my nails

mmmmm…they all sound fantastic :)

i love that everyone is extending their cleanse. it really helps me to stay motivated to continue.

congratulations to everyone! have a fantastic cleanse-filled weekend :) at the very least pat yourself on the back every single night…another day under your belt is no small task.

ooooooooooo…15 days to go!!!

Day 24

i woke up a little late this morning. quickly downed my swf, made my lemonade, got my stuff together, went to the bathroom and ran out the door to get to the gym. i only got in an hour, but it’s better than nothing. i have my 18 day streak to accomplish! i did weights yesterday & cardio + weights this morning. now, i’m at work wrapped in a huge sweater and sipping some mint tea – i am so comfortable i could doze off at any second :)

you know what i’m so proud of? i’m one of those people who cannot take a crap anywhere other than the privacy of her own home, but the past few weeks – i don’t care!! if it needs to come out, it’s gonna come out! i’ve gone at work, at the gym, at stores… it feels great. i can’t believe i used to hold it all day??? torturing myself for no reason.

another note on poop…
i’ve been having pretty substantial eliminations the past 2-3 days. i wonder how long you’d have to cleanse to get ALL that shit out? or if it’s even possible?

food thoughts are still there, but are so much less intense. it’s so funny how when you just let things BE, the anxiety dwindles. fighting really does just enhances any bad feelings. i’m now concentrating on respect. really having respect for myself in every aspect. i know i lack that skill & i am determined to master it.

what am i at???

16 more days! omg…the end is coming!!!!!

Day 23

i feel fucking FANTASTIC! i had such a great evening & today is going really well :) just an overall sense of happiness – high on life & this cleanse. i think my new outlook on food is really helping me right now. i have always put too much importance on food & have always hated that i did that – it is NO way to live. as long as i can remember i would restrict my food and in junior high i got into the habit of starving myself, then in high school i would make myself throw up. i think for the last five years i have been really good at not doing those things any longer. but, that anxiety and overall discomfort with food and my body has still been looming. that was a MAJOR factor in my wanting to do this cleanse. i want nothing more than a healthy mindset and to have respect for my body and what i do to it. WHOA…i’ve never admitted any of that to ANYONE. i just feel this overall sense of peace. i felt it last night while i was writing in my journal & all of a sudden something clicked in my brain. i can’t explain it, but i really feel like i’m finally getting what i’ve always wanted. if i can come out of this cleanse with a new relationship with myself – omg…i can’t even explain how happy that will make me.

oh yeah! i’m going to australia in two months!!!!! i cannot wait :)

17 more days!

Day 22

so, a little conversation on julia10’s page about how some people can get so concerned about doing a cleanse…

why do people barely bat an eye when you’re eating deep fried buffalo wings, dipped in ranch, rinsed down by a big beer?? isn’t THAT way more unhealthy??? or spending a ton of money on going out to dinner? isn’t THAT wasting money when you could be saving it for something much more important? why does this cleanse bring about so many critics? it’s really interesting.

alright, day 22 & you guessed it – i don’t have my lemonade :) haha…DAMMIT! i’m such a procrastinator. it’s okay though – i have been slacking on my water intake, so this will help. and, i have some mint tea :)

18 more days, huh? i think i will make a new goal for the next 18 days. i would like to do some type of exercise every single day. i sit at a desk all day – that’s AWFUL! i really need to create the habit of exercising DAILY. there is no reason not to do it.

i’m so excited to have jacktripperswife extend her cleanse to 40 days!! WHOO HOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

eighteen more days!

hydroelectricity has gotten 1 cheer on this goal.


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