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Write a letter to myself that I'll open in 5 years

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What a great idea!

I’m really pleased I just found this from people who want to go skiing! I’m looking forward to putting this together. I find letter writing quite narcissistic sometimes – what with all the telling about yourself, so this is perfect. I’m going to write as though to a very recently located, long-lost, friend.

If 5 years time is anything like retrospection now then I’m sure I’ll wish that I was gentler and more patient with myself over the intervening years, and took life less seriously.

But I think it will be enlightening to see how my ideas and goals have changed, and whether I manage to shape my own destiny towards the things I want to achieve now. Most though why not if I don’t.

I’m 28 now and really wanted to write a considered resolution for the new year, but I never got around to sitting and thinking about it. I can do it now, as the act of writing this will, I’m sure, crystalise other things for me.

I will open my letter on 1 January 2015.

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