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give out more cheers


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This is rewarding, and I will continue to give out more cheers!!
Hip, Hip, Hooray!!!

I gave out two cheers to Boxergirl16!!!

Hey girl, I seem to be bumping into you all over the net!!! It’s nice to see you again!!

I am soo good!!!

I am really getting good at giving out cheers!! although I don’t give out sensless cheers. They actually have to have some sort of accomplishment to them.

I am so good!!

a couple more days of this and this goal moves to the right side of the screen in the “done this” section.

Getting better!

Today, I once again gave away all of my cheers. hip-hip-hooray!!

I did it!!

I actually used up all of my cheers for the day!!! yippie!!

it is better to give, then to receive.

I always enjoy getting a cheer!! Then I noticed, that I have been neglecting giving them out to others. So I would like to reach out and touch someone else, and make their day!!


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