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The Mermaid Chapel


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lol my legs and feet are killing me xD
I think i should’ve warmed down from dancing xD
well i think thats why, originaly my legs were aching the day after dancing and then the next day my feet were and I was just thinking
What the heck xD
( though i supose i had just started dancing agai, thank goodness :) )


Just thought I’d say that from the 4th of Feb I will probally b on here aLOT less, this is because we are getting 2 students in to live with us :/ i can just imagine how awkward this is going to be :s concidering i barely talk if i dont know the people. not only this but im going to burst not singing and radomly dancing around the house x.o Whyyyyy xD

Not only this but its b4 the full moon, :/ which may mean .. . No doing spell on full moon o.o :/ i suppose that should’nt really stop me should it xD I shall keep trying to persue my dream… dont know if u’d realy call it a dream BUt oh well :)

why is no one ever on when i am :p

Ok, I really need to find out what im meant to be

I swear im in conflict between Earth and Sea x.x

Does anyone know anyone that could tell/help me
im just soo annoyed i dont knw which one is truely me !!!

ok… were is sirena o.o
now im getting a tad worried o.o


AHHH The full moon in tmoz !!!!
i feel like i need to become a mermaid !!!! IDk why o.O


wahoohh I survived camp and am now back.
We had to do a 400 meter swim/surf lifesaving which i past :), raft racing, orientering, team building, some tramping type stuff and i actually sang in front of people!!!!! At the camp concert, lol my friend was just like WOW she couldnt tell that it was me xD so im happy… and tired :p


Kathyrn do u how i can get in contact with lunadiss’ea cause it wont let me on anything which allows me to contact her, that website not the yuku one but the other, ends up not letting me log on >:l its driving me insane o.O AHHHHH. ( iv also tried changing my password- it hasnt worked, not only this but iv used ALL Of my email adresses ( i made a few up in the process). :P
Hope U can Help :)


XD I just saw a Picture of me on the irish dancing website I look awfull xD MY EYES are closed xD


Katryn speaking about soul songs reminded me of this one by florance and the machiene
i only really like the beginning then the courus is wierd :P
so jelose of the person who sings it she has orange hair <3
In fact this is the song which i LOVE i think i might sing it at camp :S http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rmt9XtMrEnk its such an amazing song <3

Just remembered yesterday i woke up in the middle of the night so i tried doing some shifting ( cause i was really tired and relaxed) and i could almost feel something :D My legs kind of started to well kinda cramp up ( not like extremly painful just stiff almost :P ) i could nearly feel my tail, Maybe i am getting somewere :D ….. I hope :l


I feel as if im making no progress at all :p


iv got camp comming up IM SOOO HAPPY!!!! It involves swimming , kyaking and other stuff were going too whiheki island YES!!!!


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