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Realized that I’m a very boring person, I’m not surprised but that realization, I knew it already, but scary thing is I’m proud of being boring.


I realized that a story isn’t remembered by how the starts, but on how it ends.


Love is beautiful thing, once you get over breakup and heart ache, you realize that you just want her to be happy and that’s the reason you fell in love in first place.


Everything comes with an expiry date, and that includes love, relationships and heartache.

the conflict

She said, “I’m really happy alone”

Even though that’s what I really want … I want her to be happy, but that really hurt me. I’m trying to understand myself. It’s difficult being honest to yourself.


I realized that it’s very very difficult to pretend to be okay and all jolly when you are not.

Things that I wanted in my life

At the age of 10

  • new pair of shoes
  • lot of cricket balls and good cricket bat
  • do well enough in school, so that my parents let me play in the evenings everyday
  • a magnet
  • a dog
  • a big kite
  • And finally that phone from star trek.

Fear ...

I really need to get over my fear.


I’m not that good a person, I used think myself to be. I suck by own standards.

{that feels better}


It’s being a long time, since I have been here. I almost forgot this place.

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