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even professionals

I don’t remember who they were talking about, or what they said now. All I remember now is that 4-5 months ago I saw a short tv bit, (maybe they only had a minute to talk), it was two psychologists being interviewd, I think only the lady spoke, and she said someone did something for some reason. Then she said, “or” they did it for some other reason, which was basically the opposite reason.
So even professional psychologists are guessing in the dark??
Who do I even get angry-at for this?
I’m so disappointed. I’ve been interested in psychology for decades; is it just a shammy?

don't laugh - (jerk)

almost strange… the several medium-sized boxes way at the back of the (temperature-controlled) storage-unit…he seemed almost protective of them (or he was just really lazy/hi-falutin [hmm…didn’t look hi-falutin]).
They come from Germany, stay here for four or five years unopened, then back to Germany. Why? (Was he hiding them?)

He seemed so seerious; didn’t even laugh at my joke about the arrow-less bow – “watch-out where you point that!” That’s funny – I don’t care who you are!

write a story

(an angry, disappointed story)
It’ll be about a couple, who appeared like a nice, above-average couple; nice toys, nice jobs, nice accoutrements; the kind of couple who haven’t seen a mud-puddle in 15 years.
But shallow, almost-backstabbing. [Can’t think of the right word]
The kind who’d set up two fake accidents a few miles apart, just to note someone’s reaction to a police presence; rather than their concern for the possibility of someone there being hurt.

(But we’ll give it a happy ending.)

the (dirty little) picture?

WTH was that about‽

Let’s put it back into context… in a relative’s house, (but were those agents over there), grandma looks first, but makes no guffaws about it, Mom’s probably gonna get around to looking too; [so why am I the only one who gets a picture taken over their shoulder while looking at it]?
So anyway, that was the initial context in my head – everyone’s ‘friends & family’ here, {some, as always, a little-more adjusted to a profoundly-sick society than others}, just some normal photos, like always, to look at.

(Does this have anything to do with the diminutive apparel earlier in the year?? {What kind-of authority-figure would let that happen‽}, [not that I’m complaining…just sayin’].)

Edit: This has been on my to-mention list for a few days; one of the few interesting things I noticed in the movie I Am Legend (2007), when the lead character (Smith) was in the movie rental store, and was standing close to a mannequin; after being alone all that time… that seemed like an interesting emotional reaction, and probably the most realistic part of the movie.

Edit 2: semi-similar incident to incident A, (chronologically): No, wait, I’m not mad about that!! Very very interesting!

I'm not sure if it's anger...

I’ve been getting this feeling well-up, remembering a step-dad, is that where I started feeling stupid and unimportant; little? It sends shivers down my spine. Then I picked up on it, told myself I was stupid. It sunk in deep.
I wish I had better memories – to see what to fight.
It’s not all anger; there’s fear and sadness there too.

Who the heck...????????

This is not James Holmes!

Edit: Okay I’ll change my mind on this after looking more closely & considering possible reasons for discrepencies.

wtf? whata terrible thing to say...

(from {probably} a mom) a four year old whose job it is to climb and grow.
“Get off that [two foot high] fence, [in a public park], or I’ll knock you off.”

I witnessed this just minutes after a slightly younger boy was told to get out of a small area of rocks – probably placed there for that very reason.

angry at myself?

Edited: It was a snide undercutting statement at a (often)-drunk, uncouth, aging, already-nervous, hick.
But when his neighbor’s drunk & beating his wife, he goes over and takes matters into his own hands!
And I didn’t stick up for him.
(I guess I was expecting better from an old vetrinarian.)

500 people saw her, (just that day).

I’d bet none of them chose to see her pain.
I don’t think I’ve ever seen it, what I’d felt growing up, written more plainly in another’s face. (Maybe that’s the only reason I saw.)
She looked like she thought there was not one person in the world who really would protect her. (It wasn’t just on her face – but in her actions as well.)
Luckily I know 2, maybe 3 good people who have a good in-line to her.
“Help,” (if they choose to) is on the way!

"The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo" was nowhere near as good as I thought it would be.

I’ll say it again cuz I don’t know how much of that subject-line will be seen.

“The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo” was nowhere near as good as I thought it would be. I thought it was going to be a good action movie. NNNOPE. Another movie preview that’s just misleading.

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