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Time for an update...

After a disastrous 22K, when I felt realy sick afterwards, I rested a bit, doing some small 5K’s. Last weekend I cycled a +100K tour, and wednesday I ran 20K again. I still have the feeling that’s the limit for now. Maybe accepting that for the moment is better than trying to go over it and get sick again.

How to go on from here?

I now can run 20K. But in contrast to the 15K’s I have run, which go quite easily, 20K always hurts. Especialy the last part. It feels like all the power has been used and the last part is always a struggle. I am always so glad it’s over that I’m not certain I can run any further.
Maybe I run them to fast. My 20K’s are more or less the same route as the 15K’s, with an extra circle. So the beginning always goes in the same speed as a 15K, because I am used to that speed. The last 20K was in 10,4 K/hr. That’s the fastest I have ran a 15K also, and I did that only once. So there is a big progress in the time the last 2 weeks or so. 10,4 k/hr means a marathon in 4 hours and 2 minutes. Thats far more okay then I could imagine. I always said it would be something like 4:30 or something and had in mind that I wanted to run it in 4:15.
My schedule says I have to run 26K next week. I’m not certain I dare to do so. Maybe I should just run some more 20K’s till the go a bit easier? To find the speed and rhythm a 20K goes well?


Today I ran again. With the dentist-anaesthetic and 4 aspirines to kill the pain and the fact that I hadn’t run in 4 days, I thought to run a simple 5K, but it went very well, so I changed it to 10K, 15K, and ended up running 20K in the fastest time ever: 1:55:46.

Not run in four days

It’s crappy weather and a crappy iiwi. Cold and showery, like when I finaly changed into my runningclothes it always starts to rain violent and when I’m changed into my regular clothes the sun comes out again.
Today’s not going to work either, unless the dentist-anaesthetic wears out quickly. And it’s still crappy weather. :) So I will sit out today I guess, and start again tomorrow.


I ran 15K. It was a bit cold and very windy, but it was kind of fun.

Do not fancy a run today

I should run 5K, but I don’t wanna! :)

So therefore, the tracklist of my mp3 player for yesterday’s 12,5k.

Rainstick Orchestra – Powderly,
Daft Punk – Human after all,
Ladytron – Blue jeans,
Fatboy Slim – Praise you,
Crowded house – Weather with you (cooling down :) ),
David Holmes / the Verve – Bittersweet Symphony,
Youngblood braasband – round one,
LCD soundsystem – Yeah (crash version),
Lionrock – Best food forward,
Marah – Tame the tiger,
Scissor sisters – Take your mama out.

What’s your favourite running music?

Todays run

was 12,5 km, the largest part on roads and something like 1,5 km off-road, wich means in this case a small dirt road alongside a small canal. It was done in 1:09:30, wich means 10,8 km/h. Thats quite ridiculous, so I probably have to measure the road again. :)

It was an okay run, but now my body feels worn out, so it was very fast for me. The fasted I ever did this run was 1:13, march the third.

the dream

Everyone has them; those things (s)he wants to have done once in their lifetime. And one day, well, I made a list. Fun, yes, but then I took it one step further: I promised myself that every 5 years, I would do the things necessary to realize one of the goals on the list.
So I went to ireland, to ride it along the coast on my bike. So I went to a Luke Vibert concert. And, done those, I thought: ‘I always say I want to run the -thon, so now then, train for it!’ Remember; I was like a couch-potato. Okay, I cycled through Ireland, but that was without any training, just going and stopping when it hurt. Now I had to do some serious training! And now, a year later, I’m here, running a half marathon. Yes I know, it sounds like one of those stories you here at doctor Phill’s, but I am not here to say, ‘I you want it, you can do it’. I just started it, thinking, well, I will see what distance I can run before my body gives in. And I have to admit, I started to like running.

running a marathon, making a dream come true.

As we speak, 03-05-2005, I’m currently training almost a year to run a marathon. AS of this moth I use a training scheme that I will publish later on.

For the record, a week ago I ran 20K in 1:58:30.

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