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Ich wolle Deutsch lernen! My goal now is to be able to read the easiest simplified books I can find (600-1000 words).
I’m trying to do it all on my own, in the less expansive way, but it’s hard! Anyway today I bought a dictionary and as soon as the german cultural center in my city will open, I will suscribe to its library… I hope this will keep me motivated!

Here there are some FREE great sites you could find interesting: (in english, very well done, it gives lot of importance to contrastive grammar) (a well done course by Exeter University) (interactive german exercises) (on, with word of the day, grammar, good links etc.) (free, well done…but the lessons are all in german!),2142,2548,00.html (Deutsch…warum nicht?) (exercises in German from the book Passwort Deutsch) (interesting lessons and exercises, everything written in German) (you can take for free a German test there)

And here there are some easy things to read: (learning German through fairytales…simplified) (Der Kleine bar und der Regen) (Der kleine Prinz, the famous book by Saint-Exupery) (children histories: Hansel and Gretel etc.) (online, useful for translation, try it)

Well, that’s all for now, if you find something useful for you, send me at least a cheer, please! and also if you know other useful links share them here.

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