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own some land for my Yurt

9 cheers


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Owning a Yurt

was once a separate goal on my list, and may end up being one again.

However, for some reason a thread started there that was not in any way conducive to my dream and my goal. People thought it was a good space to walk in and get into petty competitive arguments about “right” and “wrong”, and there was even some very unacceptable namecalling.

As far as I’m concerned, none of that kind of thing is ever ok or acceptable in the space that I hold for my goals. In fact it was really quite something to see… a bit like very shortsighted, self-absorbed people barging into a church where others are quietly holding a service and not bothering to look around to see what is actually going on there. Really, they are just too busy with their own little world, and what they need and want at that very minute. They don’t even realize it, but they run around in the world all of the time in this semi-aggressive mode, getting in little fights all of the time to prove that they are important. So here they are, bursting into the quiet church, and they start shouting. Something like: “Jesus! This place is small and the chairs are facing the wrong way. This isn’t at all how a church is supposed to work. It’s all wrong!” Meanwhile, everyone has been sitting in there quietly at the service worshiping all morning before they got there, and for countless Sundays before that, and it has been going fine. And actually, they’d be really happy to hear all about the possibility of facing the chairs in a different direction. But just not in exactly that way – shouting about it, in the middle of a service, and having it presented as the only way to do things.

So yes – I want to own a yurt.


All respectful visitors are welcome.

By this I mean

own it. So that it is my shower, that I use daily for cleaning myself.

I have taken outdoor showers plenty of times, and I just love them. I don’t really see the need for the huge, super-fancy bath-mansions they put into everyone’s homes these days. Although they can be nice too.

I’d just like a simple setup, which I can mostly picture, that includes greywater recycling. Perhaps this will go with my yurt. Or maybe the yurt will become a cabin. I’m flexible! :)

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