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do a digital photography course

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considering a one day course (4 hours)

in late Jan for DSLR cameras cos now that i have the use of this Canon for an extended period of time i want to learn how to really use it properly but the 10 week part time course is too too much.

dunno tho, it’s still pretty pricey.


didn't make it to the

meeting as Vicky was visiting, but will be going along from January.

However, two friends and i have decided to take one morning a month to drive out of our usual area and take pics at different locations, which will also be cool.

i’m really getting into this photography thing now. Someone even asked to use a pic of mine on their website, while another person wants two of my photos signed and framed for her home.


Yay.It's not a course, but...

i finally called this local photographic society number i’ve been meaning to for ages (why do i get nervous to do things like this? Pathetic)

So the chap sounds lovely and says the club is open to anyone from beginners like me to professionals, and they have all sorts of competitions, lessons, talks, week ends away as a group to beautiful places around and social events. I’m off to the first meeting on Monday night to see what it’s like.

Another step towards learning more about photography and also part of my ‘come home’ goal cos i’ll be here, with real people, meeting new possible friends.














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